Playing the Game


So, now our Watch ‘is ended’. The Game has been played. And many fans are annoyed. REALLY annoyed.

Without spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it – and that’s probably my cat, and Tony my neighbour – the final episode of Game of Thrones did seem a little mehhhhhh. From a writing perspective, we’ve obviously come away from George R.R. Martin’s books. I am unsure as to what input he had on this season, and whether he gave ‘his’ ending away to the writers – anyone know? The problem I have with this series is that we’ve had characters built up for nothing and also behaving in really bizarre ways.

Surprises and shocks are, of course, natural in writing otherwise we’d be in a very dull space indeed. But what happened to many of the key characters in the final season of Game of Thrones really didn’t give them, or their stories, the ‘pay off’ that they deserved. Arya and Brienne did not need to lose their respective virginities, they’re dang strong, kick-ass women. Jaime was woefully used, floating around from here to there with multiple, confusing quests. Bran – WTF was he all about? And Daenerys, poor Daenerys, you deserved so much better. We know your fate was sealed from the beginning but you were dealt a cruel blow.

There was pay-off to cheer; Sansa; Tyrion; Arya; Davos, but our final season just wasn’t satisfying. We were promised so much, and the story arc was taken far, far away.

There was a glimpse of hope for me; Tyrion stating ‘Ask me again in 10 years’. Is that a tantalising Twin Peaks/Laura Palmer 25 years’ moment? We shall see…

Also, we need that Arya sequel. PLEASE.